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Something significant happens when we let go. I've been driving with my foot on the brake, afraid of making mistakes, but now I take my foot off the pedal and settle into excitement and adventure. "You are lost, the minute you know what the result will be." Juan Gris. Surprises are priceless. When we control our life we diminish its joy. So that is why today is a new day. A time to say, "I resign from calling this life, mine," and let go. So for those of us who are sick of waiting for the water to boil, who have minimized risk, declined adventure out of fear and called it prudence, who thought that playing by the rules themselves would save you, who thought that this life is about the grades and the votes we get, who refuse to exhale until they know there's enough oxygen in the room, who have been trying to fit into a "category" unsuccessfully since middle school, if you feel lost, and without direction, then this blog is for you. And if you expect me to stick to this path of enlightenment consistently, then this blog is not for you. I am going to bump and bob along the way toward this new life and I am going to be wrong and make mistakes, and I'm going to love myself anyway. I'm starting to see that if I base my value on how I perform each day, I will be the most miserable person alive. So let's start by forgiving ourself and committing to be gentle, kind, and loving toward ourself. "You gotta leap before you look." Tony Stark.

Expectations, Disappointments, and Doubts.

This life can really suck sometimes.  Just when you thought that you’d been through the worst of it, something new happens, a phone call, test results, a tire screech and suddenly you’re in it.  It.  The timeless abyss of suck; … Continue reading

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I had dinner with a friend tonight who does exceptional work.  She works with people who have “terminal” health conditions.  She has seen an astounding number of health reversals or “miracles.” But not everybody gets well.  She said that the … Continue reading

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U2 Live

A U2 concert is a tsunami of power exploding like a bomb blast knocking me back but then slowly dragging me out into a sea of electricity,  a body of water-like matter where I’m not sure where I end and … Continue reading

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A New Day:

New Beginnings. Continue reading

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Freedom and Responsibility

A CEO left his job for a one year sabbatical.  He left his business in the hands of his three vice presidents, each responsible for a certain sector of the business to run.  “The business in yours while I am … Continue reading

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